RE-BELLE: The 100% circular microfibre cloth that rebels against waste

Re-belle is a circular microfibre cloth – an innovation that fits in well with our vision of circular cleaning. The cloth is 100% recycled, 100% recyclable and is given a second life after use to help reduce the mountain of waste. The cloth helps you to clean surfaces efficiently with a minimal amount of water thanks to its high-quality microfibres. Re-belle also has a high cleaning capacity, high absorption and a long life cycle.

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Optimal disinfection and cleaning with plant-based ingredients

Lacto Des is a powerful disinfectant with plant-based ingredients. It is safe, efficient, ready to use and registered (registration: EU-0006622-0018). Lacto Des is based on lactic acid and contains no chlorine or alcohol. The product can also be applied to food contact surfaces.

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C-Shuttle Range: Put together your own cleaning trolley!

Quality is at the heart of the new C-Shuttle range. The cleaning trolley is convenient to use, light and easy to steer - even when carrying a load of up to 200 kg. We care about the environment, so the cleaning trolley is made of recycled materials (> 90% recycled PP). Special requests? Doors can be personalised with a design or logo. And we go a step further, too. The modular system means there are so many combinations available so you can make a cleaning trolley completely tailored to your needs!

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Greenspeed has developed probiotic cleaning agents, which ensure optimal, sustainable cleaning. In addition, the products are ideal for tackling odour problems and are safe to use. The probiotic products consist of friendly micro-organisms of organic origin. The products are not just environmentally friendly – they actually enrich the environment.



With the Click'M C, Greenspeed introduces an innovative magnetic flat mop system. In just one click the magnetic fastening immediately locks the mop into place. Then it's ready to start cleaning! Afterwards, removing the mop head can be done completely hands-free. In short, the magnetic CLICK'M C system is more user-friendly and hygienic than ever before.

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