Brochure Greenspeed

Greenspeed offers you a total solution of innovative microfibre products and ecological cleaning agents.

Whitepaper Waste-free Cleaning

Greenspeed towards a waste-free future with Probio Tabs.

Brochure Wash Bag-in-Box

Wash Bag-In-Box: Sustainable laundry products for automatic dosing.

Brochure Probio Tab

Probio Tab: Probio cleaning tablet for ready-to-use spray.

Brochure Synbio

Synbio range: Probiotics + prebiotics = synbiotics.

Brochure Hydra

Hydra, floor squeegee & mop system with unique cleaning power

Brochure Click'M C

With the Click'M C, Greenspeed introduces an innovative magnetic flat mop system.

Brochure C-Shuttle

The C-SHUTTLE is an innovative trolley that can be locked completely and which is compact and manoeuvrable. Made of PP (> 90% recycled) and ABS.

Brochure Crystal

Crystal Bag-in-Box: Sustainable dishwasher products for automatic dosing.

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