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Circular Cleaning
From a linear model to a circular model

Today we live in a consumer society. Earth's materials are used to make products that subsequently, often far too quickly, end up in landfills. As a result, we are faced with a shortage of raw materials on the one hand, and a huge waste mountain on the other. At Greenspeed, we want to break this paradigm with the circular cleaning system.

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Circular Cleaning
This is how we can move from a linear model to a circular model
Cradle to Cradle detergents
  • Greenspeed starts at the very beginning of the chain and uses renewable ingredients of plant-based origin for the production of cleaning agents. Human health is paramount, so toxic ingredients are not included!
  • For the packaging, we opt for recycled plastic and plastic based on sugar cane. The packaging is 100 % recyclable, while we reduce the amount of waste thanks to our refill packaging.
  • Production takes place in an eco-friendly factory: we use renewable energy and use water responsibly. What's more, the factory has a green roof for thermal insulation.
  • The cleaning agents are user-friendly, durable, super powerful and remove stubborn dirt.
  • Finally, if the cleaning agents are released into the environment, they have a minimal impact on aquatic life and are biodegradable.
Circular C2C

Cradle To Cradle Certified Our range of cleaning agents was the first to be awarded the Cradle to Cradle Certified™ quality mark in the professional cleaning industry. The certification programme assessment is based on five pillars: use of non-toxic materials, design with reusable or degradable materials, use of renewable energy, responsible water use and socially responsible production.

Our certified products

Nordic Swan Microfibre Products
  • We do not use carcinogenic dyes in the production of microfibre. Waste water is subject to minimal load during the production process.
  • Greenspeed produces in a socially responsible manner and audits the production sites to guarantee good working conditions (Sedex pillar).
  • Clean in an ecological way: High-quality microfibre products save detergent and reduce water consumption by up to 80%.
  • It is also efficient: due to the cloth's high absorbency, stains can be removed three times faster.
  • Greenspeed microfibre products can be washed up to 600 times, with no loss of quality or shape. The products have an exceptionally long service life so they can be used again and again.
Circular C2C

Nordic Ecolabel Greenspeed microfibre cloths are the first in the sector in the Benelux to be certified with the Nordic Ecolabel. This certification guarantees an environmentally responsible supply chain, the highest product quality and guaranteed functionality in practice.

Our certified products

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