Circular product concept

From a linear model to a circular model

Greenspeed is committed to making its products fit within the circular economy model where waste does not exist.

Wondering how we make this happen?

Circular cleaning

The circular system has two material cycles: a biological cycle (residues return safely to the natural environment after use) and a technical cycle (product components can be reused at a high-quality level).

With our Cradle to Cradle detergents and 100% circular microfibre cloth Re-belle we're the pacesetters in this area.

Biological cycle
Cradle to Cradle detergents
Diagram of a biological cycle
  • Greenspeed uses renewable ingredients of plant-based origin.
  • Human health is at the centre of everything we do. We use no toxic ingredients.
  • This makes our detergents safe to use.
  • Eco-friendly factory: we use renewable energy and use water responsibly.
  • Finally, if the detergents are released into the environment, they have a minimal impact on aquatic life and are biodegradable.
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Timeline Greenspeed Cradle 2 Cradle
Technical cycle
Re-belle microfibre cloths
Diagram of a Technical cycle
  • We begin with 100% recycled raw materials. The recycled PET is cleaned and shredded. These shreds are then melted into granules.
  • The granules are processed into fibres and knitted into fabric.
  • Re-belle is manufactured and then packaged in a sustainable manner.
  • Re-belle microfibre cloths are efficient: they ensure optimal cleaning with minimal water.
  • Its exceptionally long lifespan means it can be washed up to 500 times, while retaining quality and shape.
  • We collect the used cloths to recycle them. They are then reprocessed into raw material for a new product.
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Diagram of a Technical cycle
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