Our product concept

Greenspeed offers a complete solution of innovative microfibre products, detergents and trolleys.
Our solutions are widely used in professional building maintenance, kitchen hygiene, personal care and textile care.
We carefully test every innovation and product launch against the three pillars of our product concept: circular, healthy and surprisingly effective.


We develop products according to the circular economy model where waste does not exist.

Our ecological production has a very clear focus on renewable energy. We are also committed to minimising water use and waste.


We carefully select our ingredients and make our products as healthy as possible with as few harmful substances as possible.

Our ultimate goal is to develop products with a positive and restorative impact on people and the environment.


We are committed to making sustainable products of the highest quality.

All our products are surprisingly effective and exceed the current industry standards.

We go for your smile!

10 years cradle to cradle expert!
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