Probiotics: from nature to nature

At Greenspeed, we don't believe in harsh and harmful chemicals, but in the power of nature.
For us, probiotics are an essential part of a future with healthy sustainable cleaning.


Probiotics are bacteria, but don't worry: the good kind.

We isolate these bacteria from natural sources, carefully purify them and multiply them through fermentation. To get to our probiotic detergents, we mix the probiotics with plant-based surfactants.

Probiotics diagram

When you use a probiotic cleaning product, you leave a layer of good bacteria on the surface.
Without food, they cannot survive, so they actively look for food sources on the surface. There, they find organic waste.

The enzymes break down the organic waste into small pieces, both during and after cleaning.
Our products use a complex blend of probiotics which, together, produce different enzymes.

After all, each type of organic pollutant requires a specific enzyme. These enzymes are:

  • Proteases: break down soiling that mainly consists of proteins (food, blood, urines, etc.)
  • Lipases: break down fat molecules (oils and fats)
  • Amylases: break down starch compounds (sugars, sauces, ice cream, etc.)

The layer of bacteria that remains on the surface has another great advantage. Probiotics can absorb odour molecules but also remove organic soiling that would otherwise lead to unpleasant odours. With a probiotic cleaner, not only do you remove existing odours, you also make sure unpleasant odours don't get a chance!


Probiotics are small but tireless workers. After the initial cleaning, they continue to work actively for many days.
Thanks to this long after-effect, they can clean deeper into the surface and remove even the most stubborn dirt.

In addition, probiotics actively break down biofilm and prevent the formation of new biofilm.
This makes it harder for limescale and grease to stick to the surface, which means you can postpone periodic cleaning for longer. Great, right?

stars Probiotics are small but tireless workers. After the initial cleaning, they continue to work actively for many days.

Probiotics not only offer benefits such as odour control and deep cleaning at a microscopic level, but also actively contribute to a cleaner world. This makes them not only environmentally friendly, but also environmentally beneficial!

Our probiotic cleansers contain a variety of Bacillus probiotics. When they enter the environment after use, they actively tackle contaminants in water and soil.

Thanks to their biological origin, bacteria also integrate perfectly into a natural microbial ecosystem and contribute to the repair and maintenance of a healthy natural microflora. Moreover, by using probiotic products, environmentally friendly microorganisms are released into the environment. By supporting microbial balance, reducing allergens and odours, and improving air quality, probiotics help create a healthier indoor climate.


The probiotics we use are proven to be natural and safe. They contain no hazard symbols and achieved Platinum on the Cradle to Cradle criterion 'Material Health'.

The bacteria are so safe that they are even approved for human consumption and used in the food industry. The Bacillus bacteria we use are recognised as probiotic food supplements. Two renowned bodies grant this approval:

  • American Type Culture Collection (ATCC):All probiotics in our Probio products fall under biosafety level 1 (safe).
    You can find more information at
  • European Food Safety Authority (EFSA):The bacteria we use are QPS-listed, which guarantees safety for human consumption.
    You can view the full QPS list here.

As you could read earlier, probiotics seek nutrition on surfaces in the form of organic waste.
When you give probiotics a helping hand with the additional nutrient source prebiotics, you get synbiotics.


Prebiotics are a type of sugar that acts as an additional source of nutrition for the probiotic bacteria on our surfaces. Thanks to the addition of prebiotics, you achieve faster germination and multiplication of probiotics. This results in an acceleration of the benefits of probiotics (such as odor control and deep cleaning) and a faster suppression of harmful bacteria on the surface.

The good bacteria found on our surfaces use the prebiotics as food. This improves the natural balance, which is important because a good balance of microorganisms on surfaces ensures a healthy and clean environment.


Probio Tabs harness the power of probiotics in compact tablets that you use to make a ready-to-use interior and sanitary cleaner.

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Probio Tab Family

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