Probio Tab Range

Dive into the fizz of our Probio Tab range!

Greenspeed Original Since

Greenspeed was the first company in the Benelux to introduce microfibre technology to the professional cleaning marketin 1995 with the Greenspeed Original!

Greenspeed Cradle to Cradle Since

Over the years, Greenspeed has become an expert in ecological detergents with a focus on Cradle to Cradle certification. In 2012, our products were the first to obtain the Cradle to Cradle® certification in the professional cleaning industry. Today, we offer more than 25 C2C certified products to help shape a sustainable future!


Re-belle is the microfibre cloth that rebels against waste and pollution in the textile industry, as the cloth goes through a circular cycle to minimise waste after its life cycle. Want to know more about Re-belle and what makes the cloth so re-bellious?

Infographic Circular Cleaning

We are committed to making our products fit within the circular economy model, where there is no waste.

Folding method

Use the folding method. By using this folding method, you stop your hands from coming into contact with the soiled cloth, which avoids contamination of the surfaces.

Pre-soaking guide

Pre-soaking guide for mops and cloths.

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