Click'M C Allround mop - 50 cm - 5 pack

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Highly qualitative Allround Mop for dusting and damp cleaning of hard floors in areas with demanding hygiene requirements. Suitable for the Click'M C frame.
- The mop slips onto the frame and magnetically attaches to the plate with one click. This ensures a lifelong attachment.
- Excellent cleaning power & highly absorbent.
- Designed for pre-soaking.
- Hygienic, hands-free removal of the mop from the frame after use.
- Integrated colour coding ribbons help ensure correct area and surface use.

Instruction manual

1. Wash the mop in the washing machine before the first use.
2. Slip the mop onto the frame, locking onto the magnets by pushing down on the handle.
3. Will clean 40-70m² floor area (normal soil).
4. Remove the mop after use by simply releasing the clip with your foot.
5. Machine-wash the mop before the next use.


Reference: 3391612 Quantity per packing: 10 parcels Dimensions: 54 x 13 x 6 cm Weight: 1125 g

  • Why you should choose Click'M C instead of Velcro?

    Click'M C is more hygienic in use. You do not touch the mop with your hands when removing it. Furthermore, dirt can accumulate in the Velcro. The Velcro also determines the lifespan of a mop. When used frequently, the Velcro will not adhere as well as a result of wear and tear. This is not the case with the Click'M C. The unique magnetic closure ensures lifelong adhesion.

    Click'M C

  • What are the coloured ribbons for?

    Colour coding is often used in professional cleaning. Each colour indicates a particular application. Cut off the other ribbons and keep only the desired colour. The colour coding guarantees efficient and hygienic use.

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  • How to impregnate Click'M C mops?

    Use 4 to 5 litres of water for 15 mops. Fold the mops in half (microfibre on the inside), place the mops in a tray with the narrow side at the bottom and the loop at the top. Add 4 to 5 litres of water (with detergent). Allow the mops to absorb the moisture. Move the first 2 mops backwards to distribute the moisture evenly. The mops are now damp enough to ensure optimal use.

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  • How to optimise the washing process?

    Read the washing instructions found on the label or the technical data sheet. Avoid using washing powder; use a liquid detergent instead. Do not use detergents that contain bleach or optical brighteners. Do not use detergents with a pH higher than 10. It is better to wash microfibre products with other microfibre products only. It is better to wash the mops and the cloths separately. Before washing, rinse the mops and cloths with plenty of water. This removes any residual cleaning agents from the microfibres. Select a washing programme with a limited washing cycle. In order to ensure a long life span, we recommend avoiding mechanical drying as much as possible.

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