The 100% circular microfibre cloth that rebels against waste

Re-belle is a circular microfibre cloth – an innovation that fits in well with our vision of circular cleaning. The cloth is 100% recycled, 100% recyclable and is given a second life after use to help reduce the mountain of waste. The cloth helps you to clean surfaces efficiently with a minimal amount of water thanks to its high-quality microfibres. Re-belle also has a high cleaning capacity, high absorption and a long life cycle.


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What is a circular economy?

In a circular economy, products and their materials stay in the circle for as long as possible while retaining their maximum value. This ensures that products, components and raw materials have the longest possible life cycle. After use, a product is recycled and the resulting raw materials can be used again to manufacture a new product.

From PET to high-quality microfibre cloth – that is Re-belle!

Re-belle is made in a closed circle. Watch the video and find out more about its journey!

  • Step 1: The recycled PET is cleaned and shredded. The result is then melted into granules.
  • Step 2: The granules are processed into yarn, which in turn is knitted into fabric.
  • Step 3: Re-belle is manufactured and then packaged in a sustainable manner.
  • Step 4: After hundreds of washes, the cloth is returned, recycled and processed into a raw material for a new product.
  • Step 5: The circle is complete! Re-belle gets a new lease of life as clothes, furniture or a PET bottle, for example.
How will my microfibre cloth be recycled again?

Re-belle microfibre cloths are returned after use. The process is as follows:

  • Option 1: Submit a return request online and send the cloths by post (up to 30 kg or 500 cloths).
  • Option 2: A collection box at your company. Once the box is full, the distributor will pick up the cloths.

The cloths will then be shipped to Frankenhuis, a Dutch company specialising in the sustainable processing of textiles, where the cloths will be fully recycled.

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Re-belle isn't just any microfibre cloth. Can you recognise the differences?
A re-bellious character

The pioneering microfibre cloth combats waste in the cleaning industry and the polluting textile industry. Textiles are manufactured, used and discarded on a large scale. Their production generates water pollution, huge CO2 emissions and mountains of waste. Re-belle returns to the circle after use, allowing this circular microfibre cloth to tackle these issues and more. Re-belle's circular journey allows it to reduce CO2 emissions as well as waste.

A re-bellious character
From green to white finish edge

Re-belle also has a different look after we opted for a white trim instead of the recognisable green Greenspeed border. And that was a smart choice, as the light colours make the dyes less visible and the recyclate can be used more efficiently for a second life. The cloth is made of monomaterial and is therefore fully recyclable. It is only a small adjustment for us, but one which has a huge impact on the environment!

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