Probiotics + Prebiotics = Synbiotics


The Synbio range offers all the advantages of fast acting probiotics and a better balance between the microorganisms on our surfaces.

Experience a new way of cleaning with Greenspeed Synbiotics. You only need 2 products for easy daily cleaning.

Synbio Multi: Synbiotic all-purpose cleaner for daily use with an environmentally beneficial effect.

Synbio Swan: Synbiotic toilet cleaner for daily use with an environmentally beneficial effect.

The probiotics or good bacteria in our detergents offer many advantages: they control odours, have a deep and long-lasting effect, benefit the environment and are safe to use.

Prebiotics are a type of sugar that acts as an additional source of nutrition for the probiotic (and good) bacteria on our surfaces. These additional nutrients accelerate all the benefits of the Probio range.

Natural balance

Prebiotics improve the natural balance. Unlike many chemical cleaning products, synbiotic products are safe to use. The microorganisms are 100% natural.

Advantages of probiotics Advantages probiotics
Speed Speed
Natural balance Natural balance
Easy to use Easy to use
Synbio The 1 liter bottle of Synbio Multi is made of 100% recycled material.
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