Crystal Salt - 10 kg

Regeneration salt
- Dissolves quickly and completely
- For use in domestic and semi- industrial machines
- Recommended for use in combination with Crystal Powder and Crystal Rinse

Instruction manual

The replenishment interval for the salt reservoir depends on the water hardness. Check the salt level in the reservoir regularly, or check the visual indicator (if present). The amount of salt needed increases with the hardness of the water, so you must check the salt level more frequently if you have relatively hard water. Keep in a dry place. Always close the package securely after use.


Reference: 432010001 Quantity per packing: 1 bucket Dimensions: 0 x 0 x 28 cm Weight: 10600 g Barcode: 5407003310320

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Suited for

Crystal Powder - 10 kg
Crystal Powder - 10 kg Dishwasher powder for general use.
- Powerful degreasing.
- Prevents glass and metal corrosion.
- In moisture- proof resealable bucket.
- For use in domestic and semi- industrial machines.
- Citrus perfume.
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