Greenspeed launches Re-belle: the microfibre cloth that rebels against waste

Greenspeed launches Re-belle: the microfibre cloth that rebels against waste


Greenspeed continues its focus on circular cleaning and is launching a fully circular microfibre cloth onto the market. Re-belle consists of 100% recycled material and is 100% recyclable. The pioneering microfibre cloth combats waste in the cleaning industry and the polluting textile industry, a problem that is high on the political agenda.

Re-belle rebels against pollution in the textile industry

Although Re-belle is different, it is certainly not inferior to the traditional microfibre cloth. On the contrary, the smartly designed microfibre cloth helps to tackle pollution in the textile industry and reduce CO2 emissions. With 30,000 Re-belle microfibre cloths you save enough CO2 to drive a car around the entire earth. This was independently calculated by bAwear, an organization specialized in environmental impact calculations in the textile sector. Tonnes of textiles are produced, used and thrown away every year, while the production of textiles leads to water pollution, CO2 emissions and mountains of waste.

Re-belle uses a circular cycle, resulting in as little waste as possible after frequent use, as waste is once again turned into raw materials in a circular economy. This is in line with the Circular Economy Action Plan adopted by the European Parliament in 2021, which contains strict measures for recycling textiles and material usage and consumption.

A name that speaks to the imagination

Re-belle helps you to clean surfaces efficiently with a minimal amount of water thanks to its high-quality microfibres. The cloth also has a high cleaning capacity, high absorption and can be washed at least 500 times - a quality that was also proven through tests in the lab and in the field by end users.

Michel de Bruin, CEO: "The cleaning companies that have already tested Re-belle are extremely enthusiastic about its quality and can 't wait to use Re-belle on a large scale. It goes without saying that the circular story offers huge added value for our customers and the cleaning industry as a whole! This gives Greenspeed a boost to promote our vision for the future further and to develop more fantastic, forward-looking innovations. As is the case with our detergents, Re-belle makes sure the microfibre circle is completely closed. It 's a real breakthrough in cleaning!"

The microfibre cloth also looks somewhat different, with its rebellious side being immediately visible. Do you see the difference? Re-belle has a white trim instead of Greenspeed 's usual, recognisable green trim. This was a deliberate choice, as the light colours make the dyes less visible and the recyclate can be used more efficiently for a second life. The cloth is made of monomaterial and is therefore fully recyclable. Greenspeed invented Re-belle to reduce waste without compromising on quality.

A fully closed circle

Sustainable is not necessarily the same as circular. With Re-belle, Greenspeed goes one step further and ensures that the circle is fully closed. The cloth is made from recycled PET, such as PET bottles. Read on to find out how we make recycled PET into a microfibre cloth!

  • Step 1: The recycled PET is cleaned and shredded. The result is then melted into granules.
  • Step 2: The granules are processed into yarn, which in turn is knitted into fabric.
  • Step 3: Re-belle is manufactured and then packaged in a sustainable manner.
  • Step 4: After Re-belle has reached the end of its life, the cloth is returned, recycled and processed into a raw material. This raw material lives on in new products such as clothes, furniture or a new PET bottle, thereby completing the circle.

We work with Frankenhuis, a Dutch company specialising in the sustainable processing of fabrics, to recycle our cloths.

"Greenspeed contacted Frankenhuis early on in the development of its new microfibre cloths. They wished to make a product that could be recycled as far as possible using a circular process. Greenspeed products aren 't just a good fit for current linear techniques - Greenspeed is also prepared for new innovative and circular recycling solutions. It 's a perfect example of design for recycling. If only all our customers were so concerned about the textile value chain!" - Ms C.L.J.M. (Tich) Vanduren, Co-Owner/Partner at Frankenhuis.

With Re-belle, Greenspeed is launching a major innovation in the cleaning industry. The microfibre cloth is closer to their vision of circular and healthy cleaning than ever before.

If you would like to make the switch over to Re-belle for circular cleaning, quickly clean up your routine and contact Greenspeed at for re-bellious advice at no obligation.

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