There is a growing awareness that our planet is not indestructible nor its assets inexhaustible and that we should be using the Earth's natural resources more consciously and carefully.


"Resource scarcity", "sustainability" and "recycling" are becoming more everyday influences on our lives, but increasingly the concept of the "circular economy" is being understood and implemented. Its definition is simple: an economy based on renewable resources rather than the ever depleting fossil fuels we drill or pump out of the earth. Once they are gone, they are gone forever!

It also involves reusing or recycling products instead of sending them to overflowing landfills or incinerators. If we were able to fully reuse everything we use, the resource circle would be closed. That's why it's called "the circular economy"!


At Greenspeed we have always taken the "green" approach its in our DNA! But can we make the circular economy in our business a reality? Challenge accepted!
We are already leading the way and aiming for fully circular cleaning which means:

  • Renewable ingredients from vegetable and plant origins
    We use effective vegetable ingredients from renewable raw materials for our detergents.
  • Plantplastic & 25% recycled plastic
    Greenspeed's bottles are not made from petroleum ingredients but consist of 75% sugar cane-based plastic and 25% recycled plastic.
  • Green production with responsible water usage
    Our washing and cleaning agents are made in an ecological factory, using renewable energy and where water is used responsibly.
  • Naturally efficient
    Greenspeed's powerful cleaning agents can handle the challenges of industrial and professional environments. They are extensively and thoroughly tested, clean hygienically and are extremely user-friendly. The easy colour coding and the clear icons immediately inform the user what the product is suitable for and how it is to be used.
  • Minimum waste
    Our bottles are reusable and recyclable. Greenspeed offers highly concentrated formulas, e.g. a dose of 10ml per 5L water instead of the standard dose of 20ml per 5L, requiring 20% less packaging than a conventional formula. The correct dose of 10ml allows you to clean a surface of 19 tennis courts with 1L of our highly concentrated cleaning agent!
  • Biodegradable
    Greenspeed detergents are fully and rapidly biodegradable, do not contain harmful toxic substances and have minimal impact on aquatic life! You need 46,605 less bathtubs of water to achieve the same environmental impact when compared to conventional detergents.
  • Cleaning ecologically
    Clean ecologically and save on detergent and water by using Greenspeed microfibres. Our microfibre products and spray dispensers allow you to clean efficiently whilst using 90% less water than with a mop.
  • Cleaning efficiently
    Greenspeed microfibre products remove stains three times faster than a conventional cloth with detergent*
    Greenspeed product development is based on quality, efficiency and user-friendliness: our products are light-weight and easy to hold, allowing a fast and comfortable clean!
    *Results: TNO research.
  • Washable
    Greenspeed microfibre products can be washed twice as often the average microfibre cloth currently available on the market, increasing to a three-fold life expectancy if the right detergents and right wash programme are used!
  • Re-use
    The Greenspeed microfibre products retain their quality and shape after multiple use, delivering real user-value!