Greenspeed ALL-IN-ONE: Smart cleaning solutions with a positive impact

On 1 January 2016, Greenspeed acquired the B2B division of detergent and cleaning agent manufacturer Ecover. Ecover Professional was established in Belgium a decade ago as part of Ecover, and it has an immaculate reputation in the field of innovative and sustainable cleaning products. The brand was the first in the industry to obtain the Cradle-to-Cradle certificate™, a high-quality environmental hallmark, among other achievements. With both companies driven by the same philosophy - based on innovation and sustainability - the new Greenspeed launched ALL-IN-ONE: smart cleaning solutions with a positive impact based on microfibre systems and ecological cleaning agents.


Greenspeed has been successfully operating in the B2B market for over 20 years and offers innovative cleaning products which complement the wide range of products in the Ecover Professional line. Thanks to its leading microfibre technology, Greenspeed is a pioneer in this field.

"We're extremely happy that we have acquired Ecover Professional," Michel de Bruin, CEO of Greenspeed, explains. "We're both driven by the same philosophy, based on innovation and sustainability. This enables us to accelerate our international growth ambitions and, thanks to a wide range of ecological products, offer our customers a sustainable ALL-IN-ONE cleaning concept, with microfibre systems and ecological cleaning agents. In this way, Greenspeed aims to offer a sustainable and smart alternative to traditional cleaning agents."

Smart solutions with a positive impact

The takeover makes Greenspeed a complete supplier of smart cleaning solutions. Smart, because the products are efficient, sustainable and user-friendly. Greenspeed's aim is to keep surprising the market with progressive and innovative concepts. Using their smart cleaning solutions, Greenspeed wants to have a positive influence on the user, the cleaning sector and the environment.

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