100% circular microfibre cloth achieves Cradle to Cradle Certified® Bronze

The Re-belle microfibre cloth rebels against waste and pollution in the textile industry. The cloth goes through a circular cycle, which minimises waste after use. Re-belle is 100% recycled, 100% recyclable and 100% circular and is made from recycled PET, such as PET bottles. After hundreds of washes, Re-belle is recycled again and processed into a raw material for a second life. The circle is complete!

A circular microfibre cloth. What does that mean?

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The world's first microfibre cloth with a Material Health certificate!

The well-known Greenspeed Original Microfibre Cloth was introduced in the Benelux 25 years ago. Today it has earned its spot in the limelight once again. The Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute has awarded the Greenspeed cloth a Bronze Level Material Health Certificate, making it the world's first microfibre cloth to get certified. This is very much in line with our vision for a future of healthy cleaning.

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Material Health certificaat
C-Shuttle Range: Put together your own cleaning trolley!

Quality is at the heart of the new C-Shuttle range. The cleaning trolley is convenient to use, light and easy to steer - even when carrying a load of up to 200 kg. We care about the environment, so the cleaning trolley is made of recycled materials (> 90% recycled PP). Special requests? Doors can be personalised with a design or logo. And we go a step further, too. The modular system means there are so many combinations available so you can make a cleaning trolley completely tailored to your needs!

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Probiotic cleaners ensure an optimal cleaning with environmental beneficial effect!

As a specialist in sustainable cleaning solutions, Greenspeed continues to work towards circular cleaning. Cleaning with friendly micro-organisms is the next step. Curious how probiotics keep things clean? And what the advantages of cleaning with Greenspeed Probio are?

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Probiotic cleaners ensure an optimal cleaning with environmental beneficial effect!

Greenspeed works to strict environmental, quality and health standards.