Time savings for GOM with the Greenspeed Hydra mop system

Time savings for GOM with the Greenspeed Hydra mop system


The cleaning company GOM has chosen the Hydra mop system for daily floor cleaning in several locations. The cleaners who have started to use it are fans of this innovation because of its ergonomics, time savings, quality and ease of use.

When did the Hydra System come to the attention of GOM?

Sara Martens: "The system was noticed by our team at Interclean Amsterdam 2022. Other GOM colleagues had already talked about it because they had been using it in the hospital environment for a long time. We saw the Hydra at the Greenspeed stand at Interclean and immediately decided to start a test phase."

How did the first tests with the Hydra mop system go?

Sarah Michiels: "The Hydra system is easy to teach to our cleaning staff. The microfibre floorcloth can be locked in place to make sure you never lose it. One of the cleaners came up with the idea of also using the Hydra to clean skirting boards. That works well!"

According to your staff, what are the greatest benefits?

Sarah Michiels: "Our cleaning staff like to use it because it is ergonomic, high quality and easy to use. The big difference from a regular mop is that you have just one step instead of three, which saves time for users."

"With the Hydra system, you have just one step instead of three"

"Your microfibre floorcloth is securely attached with loops to prevent it from getting lost. This means you don't have to bend down to re-attach it to the squeegee. You can also move the squeegee several times on the microfibre floorcloth, so you don't have to pick it up, moisten it and wring it out each time. This puts a lot less stress on your wrists."

What determines whether GOM includes a product in the range?

Luc Lauwers: "Cleaning materials that work well motivate the employees. First of all, GOM looks for innovations in the market. Sustainability and ergonomics are decisive factors when choosing a product."

Elif Ozdemir: "It's important that our staff enjoy working with the purchased products. Time is a factor that we also strongly emphasised during training. This is extremely important because saving time is always a win situation for us. The Hydra system is so well appreciated that one of the cleaners also uses it at home."

For this interview we spoke to:
Sara Martens - Workplace Services Coordinator at GOM
Elif Ozdemir - Supervisor at GOM
Sarah Michiels - Operational Manager at GOM
Luc Lauwers - Workspace Services Contract Manager at Facilicom

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