Healthy cleaning in a hospital environment with Greenspeed Probio

Healthy cleaning in a hospital environment with Greenspeed Probio


Sint-Maarten General Hospital performed the test with Greenspeed Probio. The hospital in Mechelen (Belgium) conducted around 300 tests. International scientific research has shown that probiotic cleaning agents have many advantages. They offer many advantages, including healthy cleaning, safety and environmentally friendly properties. Kim Geens is cluster manager for the hospital's facilities department. He shares his experience with Greenspeed probiotic cleaners.

Exceptionally ecologically and environmentally beneficial

Geens: "We used to work with conventional cleaning chemicals, products that we mixed here on site. We wanted to work with more environmentally friendly products, but professional cleaning in a hospital has to meet certain standards. We were aware of studies demonstrating their positive effects. This was what caught our eye. Whereas conventional cleaning agents have a less favourable impact on the environment, probiotic products are a fully ecological alternative. In the private and professional trade, you have ecological product lines with a smaller ecological footprint. However, the Probio range is the only one in that category that is not only not harmful to the environment, but positively contributes to it. This is because when the product enters the wastewater stream, it supports the water treatment process. From an ecological point of view, we were very enthusiastic about it and see this as providing added value."

Use in the hospital environment

Probiotic detergents have a long-lasting effect because the bacteria continue to work between cleaning sessions. Geens: "In the meantime, we use probiotic cleaning agents virtually everywhere: floors, sanitary facilities and interiors. We do still use conventional products to disinfect surfaces where necessary. We also use a conventional degreaser for serious stains, e.g. those caused by paraffin."

Innovation certainly plays a role at Sint-Maarten General Hospital. Kim Geens: "As with conventional products, the Probio products are concentrated and we need to dilute them. With chemical products, you have to pay close attention to hazard symbols, such as irritation. This is not the case at all with probiotic cleaning agents. Even concentrated, they are 100% safe. What's more, the products are virtually the same price by comparison. The purchase price is slightly higher, but because fewer regular products have to be used, such as a descaler, the effect is more economical overall."

Testing successfully

Geens: "From the outset, our hospital hygiene colleagues were involved in the thought process, measurements and evaluation. Hygiene no longer means removing all bacteria or preventing them from being introduced. We want to minimise the presence of "dangerous" micro-organisms and remove them from surfaces and materials before they have the chance to multiply. Probio has a beneficial effect on hospital hygiene, allowing the cleaning department to create even more added value for patients."

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