Greenspeed takes the opportunity of its 25th anniversary to thank its customers and to look forward to healthy and circular cleaning

Greenspeed takes the opportunity of its 25th anniversary to thank its customers and to look forward to healthy and circular cleaning


Greenspeed, the manufacturer of sustainable microfibre and cleaning products, is more ambitious than ever now that the company is celebrating its 25th anniversary. The company looks to the future with its latest innovations in healthy and "environmentally-friendly" cleaning. With its circular solutions, Greenspeed aims to further improve the environment and even to repair it.

In its early beginnings, Greenspeed started out with a "wonder cloth" - the cleaning innovation of the past 25 years - and has now developed into an international player in sustainable cleaning products with a market presence in more than 30 countries. The products are certified with the Cradle-to-Cradle label, the EU Ecolabel and Nordic Swan Ecolabel.

Greenspeed is primarily renowned for its plant-based detergents and microfibre products, but its range also includes modular trolleys and a whole selection of accessories. Its focus is on "smart & healthy cleaning" and sustainability throughout the entire chain, not only in terms of its detergents but also its packagings, which are made from recycled plastic of plant-based origin. The products are manufactured at the new environmentally-friendly factory in France, which uses renewable energy under a green roof. The certified microfibre products ensure more effective cleaning with just a minimum quantity of water and they are exceptionally durable.

A company with a clear mission

CEO Michel De Bruin: "Greenspeed is now a unique company with a close-knit international workforce who are passionate about healthy and circular cleaning, the driving force behind the brand. I would expressly like to thank them for the fantastic journey we have all shared over these last 25 years. I would also like to thank our customers for believing in our mission: smart and healthy solutions that contribute to a healthier environment. Many of our oldest clients are still with us today. Thanks to this close relationship and all the experiences we have shared on the workfloor we have been able to introduce a host of innovations, and we will continue to do so to realise our vision of the future: to have a restoratative impact on mankind and nature with the help of circular and healthy solutions."

Circular means that all the substances used must be reusable: either directly as part of the technological cycle, or as a raw material for new or other products, or indirectly as part of the biological cycle, as a nutrient within the ecological systems. The new cleaning trolleys, for example, are made of recycled materials and are also 100% recyclable. And the new probiotic cleaning products can actively contribute to the water treatment process and help to maintain a natural microbiological balance, when they ultimately end up in the water after use.

Milestones in the History of Greenspeed:
  • Established 25 years ago with the introduction of microfibres in the Benelux.
  • In 2012 Greenspeed was the first to be awarded the Nordic Swan Ecolabel within the professional cleaning industry.
  • In 2016, Greenspeed took over Ecover Professional, the B2B branch of the pioneer in environmentally-friendly cleaning products. (In 2013, Ecover Professional was the first in the world to be awarded the Cradle to Cradle certificate within the professional cleaning industry).

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