5-year partnership with Green&Clean

5-year partnership with Green&Clean


Green&Clean is a chain of self-service laundries, with 16 branches in Austria, 3 branches in Italy, one franchise partner in Salzburg and one in Graz. Green&Clean stands for clean laundry that is washed in an environmentally friendly way. With each washing, the load is automatically weighed and only the amount of water and detergent is added that is necessary for an optimal washing result. The washing machines also use very little energy and water and Green&Clean has consciously chosen the Greenspeed detergent Wash Liquid for the past 5 years. Why? This Cradle to Cradle & EU Ecolabel certified detergent fits perfectly within their sustainable vision! Wash Liquid consists of ingredients of vegetable origin that are biodegradable. The product is also produced in a sustainable way in a unique ecological factory.

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