CSU Leisure Services opts for Greenspeed circular cleaning concept

CSU Leisure Services opts for Greenspeed circular cleaning concept


CSU Leisure Services recently started looking for ecological cleaning products to be used in day-to-day cleaning operations in various parks and resorts. The company settled on the complete range of Greenspeed products. CSU is now entering the leisure market using this Cradle to Cradle Certified circular concept as its basis. The use of these ecological cleaning agents will enable CSU to make its services, products and processes as efficient as possible and adhere to the criteria set out by the Green Key eco-label.

CSU did not make the decision to use Greenspeed's products overnight. CSU performed tests in various parks using cleaning agents that meet specific sustainability criteria, namely that the agents do not present a health hazard, that they do not contain any unnecessary toxic substances, that they are biodegradable and that they are Cradle to CradleTM Certified. The efficient application of its Cradle to Cradle Certified products meant that Greenspeed came out on top in the tests. The products' pleasant scent was also a decisive factor in them ultimately being chosen. Greenspeed is not an unknown quantity to CSU - the cleaning company has been working with Greenspeed's microfibre materials for many years.

Circular cleaning

Greenspeed is known for its intelligent, efficient cleaning solutions, which have a positive impact on people and the environment. The cleaning agents meet the criteria of Green Key, the top international label for sustainable companies in the recreation and leisure industry. The agents bear the eco-label and do not contain any ingredients set out on the Green Key blacklist. This, combined with the microfibre materials - which keep the use of cleaning agents and water to a minimum - provides the basis for Greenspeed's circular cleaning concept. The concept is closely aligned with the aims of CSU and many other service providers to reduce their eco-footprint and make holiday resorts even more sustainable.

About CSU

Operating under the motto "Keen on clean", family-owned company CSU is one of the top three market players in the cleaning industry in the Netherlands. With 30 sites and a team of 12,000 employees, CSU has principal offices in Uden, Amsterdam, Apeldoorn, Eindhoven, Rijswijk and Rotterdam. CSU is a family-run enterprise, with the Executive Board and management team controlling a 1/3 share of the company.

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