Greenspeed cleans among the wild animals

Greenspeed cleans among the wild animals


Greenspeed gets behind Natuurhulpcentrum VZW. Natuurhulpcentrum vzw [non-profit organisation "Nature Help Centre"] is the largest and most professional shelter for sick and wounded wild animals in the EU region. Every day, not only do they try to help wild animals, they also try to make people more environmentally aware through education or nature campaigns. Here at Greenspeed, we are also behind this beautiful gesture and care for animals.

Greenspeed sponsors the shelter with cleaning products because, of course, animals also deserve a clean living environment without harmful substances. And it doesn't stop there! Greenspeed's marketing team rolled up their sleeves and went to work at the shelter for a day! We were able to feed the most diverse indigenous and exotic animals and cleaned countless animal cages. During this day behind the scenes, we also met a group of 22 Java monkeys. These monkeys had been used as test animals in an Italian laboratory. They were tattooed with a number and were treated as one too. They were often "written off" after just one test. This story grabbed our attention immediately because at Greenspeed we place great importance on products which are free from animal testing. Luckily, the 22 Java monkeys were saved and are sheltered temporarily at Natuurhulpcentrum. The monkeys were allowed to climb outside in a spacious cage for the first time. Not only was it an unforgettable day for the monkeys, but for us too!

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