Greenspeed takes a major step towards making its production of ecological detergents even more sustainable

Greenspeed takes a major step towards making its production of ecological detergents even more sustainable


Greenspeed is entering into an exclusive industrial partnership with "Vandeputte Soap & Detergents" to produce cleaning products for professional use. As of January 2018, Greenspeed's range will be produced at the former Ecover factory in Boulogne-sur-Mer (France), owned by Vandeputte since June 2016. This joint venture between a pair of like-minded partners opens up promising prospects for all current and potential customers who value ecological responsibility.

Johan Tops, Greenspeed's Commercial Director, said of the new initiative: "Ecological production is completely in line with our way of thinking and working. We're not just resolute in opting for sustainable products, we actually make the products in a sustainable way too. After Greenspeed's takeover of Ecover Professional, the production of our detergents at this ecological factory is a major step towards our goal of cradle-to-cradle production. It feels like coming home."

Pierre Vandeputte, Managing Director of Vandeputte, explains why he opted for the factory in Boulogne-sur-Mer: "They have really thought about every single detail to make production as sustainable as possible. The factory - and bear in mind it's a good 10,000 m² in floor area - was built with sustainable materials. The production process pays particular attention to a responsible use of water. What's more, the toilets run on rainwater, our natural water supply."

Green is the norm

The factory in Boulogne-sur-Mer has more ecological aces up its sleeve. The building has a "green roof", which ensures outstanding thermal insulation. Moreover, the plant is located on an industrial estate housing only businesses that demonstrate respect for the environment. It is Europe's first industrial estate to boast ISO 14001 certification, a quality assurance system checked annually by external auditors.

Good connections with the sales markets

The plant's location in Boulogne-sur-Mer allows Greenspeed to gain better access to its key markets and arrange its logistics as responsibly as possible. "The central location of this ecological factory ensures good connections between the production unit and our major geographical sales regions: the Benelux Union, France, Germany, Great Britain and Switzerland. This allows us to reduce transport miles and to run our business more efficiently at the same time."

Putting our heads together for sustainable innovation

The unique nature of the joint venture between Greenspeed and Vandeputte results in unlimited advantages. Both companies will continue to operate independently of each other, maintaining their own product ranges and market formulas, but with the intention to share their know-how intensively in order to make their production even more efficient and sustainable. "There's plenty we can learn from each other," says Vandeputte. "We're looking forward to working together with Greenspeed to come up with innovative, sustainable solutions."

Always welcome!

Greenspeed has announced that it will operate an open door policy. "We would like to invite our customers to come and visit us and have an unforgettable peek behind the scenes of our ecological story," says Tops. "We're keen to show how we organise our work and production and will therefore install a permanent showroom at the factory."

So there are fine prospects ahead, not only for Greenspeed and its partner Vandeputte, but for all consumers who want to make a real contribution to a cleaner environment by using sustainable cleaning products.

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