Greenspeed offers you a total solution of innovative microfibre products and ecological cleaning detergents. We have a broad range of products tailored to meet your requirements, for all surfaces and a variety of applications: interiors, sanitary facilities, kitchens, laundry, floors, glass and walls. To be able to bring you the best concepts and cleaning solutions at all times, we work to develop and hone our range of products on an ongoing basis. All this is based on our core product values: efficient, sustainable, innovative and user-friendly.


Microfibre products The microfibres are uniquely split to an optimum level, giving our microfibre products extensive cleaning power and a very large absorption capacity.

Cleaning detergents By using “green” chemistry we convert natural ingredients and minerals into efficient cleaning detergents. Our plant-based surfactants are more than capable of dealing with the most stubborn stains.


Microfibre products Microfibre products clean efficiently using a minimal amount of water and a limited amount of sustainable cleaning detergents. Our microfibre products also have an exceptionally long life cycle. Even when washed frequently the microfibre retains its quality and shape, delivering real user value.

Cleaning detergents Our cleaning detergents have a minimal impact on the environment throughout their life cycle. They are biodegradable and produced in an ecological factory. As well as sourcing the raw materials locally, we favour ingredients from renewable sources that have a minimal impact on aquatic life.


Microfibre products Innovation is in our DNA. Through research and development of microfibre technology and applications, we are continuously working on improving our products and systems with regard to efficiency, sustainability and user-friendliness.

Cleaning detergents Our washing and cleaning detergents are developed by Ecover, a pioneer in the field of ecological washing and cleaning detergents with 40 years of experience. Our packaging is made from a combination of 75% sugar cane and 25% recycled plastic and is 100% recycable. Our 5-litre cans are now also made of recycled plastic and are 100% recyclable.


Microfibre products Ergonomics is a priority. We develop innovative products which are lightweight and easy to hold and use. This enables you to carry out your cleaning tasks more quickly and efficiently, leaving a lasting impression with you every single day.

Cleaning detergents We help you by providing products that leave surfaces looking flawless after cleaning while keeping harmful substances to a minimum. After all, people who work with cleaning detergents every day want to limit their exposure to unnecessary chemicals.