Now it clicks: Greenspeed CLICK'M C

The CLICK'M C flat mop system makes cleaning floors easier than ever. You only need to slip the frame into the pocket of the mop, press the handle down and the magnetic fastening immediately locks the mop into place. Then it's ready to start cleaning!

When youíre done cleaning, all you need to do is press the green button with your foot to release the frame and slide the used mop into the laundry bag without touching it. So you no longer have to put the mop on or remove it manually. In short, the magnetic CLICK'M C system is more user-friendly and hygienic than ever before.

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There is a CLICK'M C mop for every type of floor.

What makes Greenspeed mops such superior cleaning products is the optimum splitting of their microfibres. Microfibres are both more powerful and more absorbent than other fibres and dirt is taken up in a jiffy. Additionally, each of these mops has four colour coded labels, allowing the user to distinguish between the different applications.

Greenspeed offers three mop types in the range:

Twist Mop C3
Cleaning hard floors? The Twist Mop is perfect for damp-cleaning hard floors. It is composed of 50% microfibres and 50% polyester blend. It allows for rapid coverage and floors will dry quickly. The Twist Mopís extra-strength cleaning power delivers flawless results, with its microfibres absorbing dirt beyond the edge of the mop. Thanks to Greenspeed's microfibre technology, this mop boasts double the fluid retention capacity of most Velcro mops.
Twist Mop C3
Allround C2
The Allround Mop adds a couple of important benefits. This mop can also be used dry to sweep away dust. It is composed of 50% microfibres, 40% viscose and 10% polyamide. Its unique qualities are especially evident in areas where ultimate hygiene is required. Additionally, the long fibre length is particularly well suited to cleaning uneven floors.
Basic mop
The Basic Mop, made of 100% microfibre, is outstandingly suited to the task of cleaning lightly-soiled smooth floors, delivering the same flawless result as our other mops. This mop will also effortlessly clean external and internal walls, including glass partition. In these instances, its frame can be mounted horizontally.
Basic mop
The pinnacle of cleaning and hygiene delivery

The frame itself will be clean again in no time as its smooth, clean lines prevent dirt from adhering to it. Whatís more, every Click'M C microfibre mop has a sturdy gauze finish, allowing dirt to be removed more quickly from the pocket during washing.

The professional cleaners who used the Greenspeed Click'M C at the field-testing stage were unanimous: "Attaching a mop and then releasing it again has never been more practical or hygienic." The system's user-friendliness was something else that our test users emphasized the moment they got their hands on the mop: "The frame is remarkably light and easy to rinse off. Cleaning with Greenspeed Click'M C is pure magic."

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