Greenspeed is committed to providing smart cleaning solutions which have a real and positive impact on people and the environment.

Choosing Greenspeed means choosing smart cleaning solutions. Smart because our products are efficient, innovative and ecological. They are thoroughly tested, clean hygienically in an innovative way and without using unnecessary toxic chemicals.

The benefit of these smart cleaning solutions is that thay have a positive impact on the user, the environment and our industry.

  • On the user,
    Greenspeed thinks about the people that work with our products. Our products are userfriendly, do not contain unnecessary and noxious substances and are a joy to clean with.
  • On the environment,
    Greenspeed delivers efficient, effective cleaning with little water as possible and combined with a minimum amount of ecological washing and cleaning products to deliver a perfect clean.
  • On our industry,
    using our experience, expertise and innovation in bringing best possible practice to professional cleaning.