At Greenspeed, we are fanatical about cleanliness, passionate about cleaning and give our all to create innovative microfibre products and ecological cleaning detergents. our goal is to leave a lasting impression on you every single day.

    When you choose Greenspeed, you are opting for smart cleaning solutions that are designed to handle the challenges of professional environments. Smart because our products are efficient, innovative and sustainable. Greenspeed enables you to remove even the most stubborn stains and dirt in a user-friendly way, leaving you with clean, hygienic surfaces.

    We care about human health too. Naturally, our detergents contain no unnecessary hazardous substances. The detergents therefore have a minimal impact on human health.
    Our smart cleaning solutions are designed to have a positive impact on people and the environment. Greenspeed strives to have its entire range of products, accessories and techniques fit the circular economy model.

    In practice this means all substances used in detergents and microfibre cloths and mops must be re-usable in one of two ways:
    • directly via the technical cycle, as raw materials for new or different products,
    • indirectly via the organic cycle, as nutrients within ecological systems.